How Do We Contact You?
  • Note About The Primary Contact

    Enter your details, or the details of a representative who should be contacted and notified of any issues with this Application.

    It is strongly recommended that the person filling out this application (YOU) be the primary contact.

    The primary contact does NOT have to be the Owner of the proposed Business.

Where Should We Deliver Your Documents To?
  • Note About The Delivery Address

    The Delivery Address should be one where someone is available to receive and sign for receiving the documents, Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm.

    The package is sealed, unmarked and confidential - No one besides you would know of it's contents.

What Is Your Business About?
  • Click Here To Display Guidelines for Naming Your Business
    • We recommend a made-up name combined with a description of what you do. For example, our business is named "MyBiz Application Services".
    • Choose a Unique and Distinctive name. Your chosen name should allow others to tell you apart from other businesses, without any confusion.
    • Obviously, your Business name cannot contain any profanities.
    • You cannot include words that are reserved for Government use. eg. "Ministry", "National", "Army", "Police", "Caricom", "Bank", "Commonwealth" etc.
    • Your name must not include "CO-OPERATIVE", "CO-OP", "CREDIT UNION" or "FRIENDLY SOCIETY".
    • Business Names should contain multiple words. A single-word business name is often rejected.
What Type Of Business Structure Would You Like To Register?
Sole Trader
Sole Trader Business

Sole Trader Businesses are best suited for self-employed professionals.

Examples of candidates that should register as Sole Traders are: self-employed plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc.

If you would like to register a Sole Trader Business, then click the "Start A Sole Trader" button below.


Partnerships are joint ventures formed between two or more individuals and/or companies.

If you would like to register a Partnership Business, then click the "Form A Partnership" button below.

Limited Liability

Limited Liability Company

A Company is a legal entity formed by two or more directors.

Limited Liability is the most lucrative and respected business structure, and also benefits from various tax breaks.

Click the "Build A Company" button below, if you would like to register a Limited Liability Company.

How Would You Operate Your Business?
Who Owns the Business? Who Are the People Forming This Company? Who Are the Partners?
Please Verify The Information in The Forms Below

In most cases it is unnecessary for you to adjust the forms because they were automatically generated based on the information that you supplied; however, if you notice any errors or adjustments to be made, feel free to do so. Anything that you type is automatically capitalized.

1) Please Select Your Payment Method

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Pay via a Bank Deposit to a Republic Bank Account. Processed in 1-2 working days. Internet Banking / Online Transfers are Accepted!

2) Please Choose Your Package
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